Various Styles of Custom PET Cups for Options

Custom PET cups are profitable for shops, stores, and markets. While there are many options to choose from, it can be hard to pick the best style for your cup.

Custom PET Cups are profitable for shops, stores, and markets. While there are many options to choose from, it can be hard to pick the best style for your cup. Want to know how to choose the correct PET cup of your own? Keep reading this. You can choose from vibrant patterns or cute cartoon portraits. There are many ways to make your PET cup special.


Best Style of Custom PET Cups

When choosing custom PET cups, consider the following factors:

  • Decide between clear plastic cups or frosted plastic cups for the best design impact.
  • Customer reviews can help choose the right style for events like children's parties, weddings, or showers.
  • Customizations like artwork, fonts, colors, and PET selection play a key role in the decision-making process.
  • Consider cup sizes, volume, weights, and measures to ensure they meet the needs.
  • Production details such as turnaround times, shipping methods like FedEx, and delivery tracking are important.
  • Personalization options like custom PET illustrations may come with extra fees.
  • Be aware of refund policies, redraw fees, and print release considerations.

Quality drink ware combined with personalized elements adds a special touch to any event.


Choosing the Right Cup Sizes

Small vs Large Cups

When choosing between small and large cups for an event, consider factors such as how much volume is needed, the type of drinks, and how the cups will be used.

Small cups work well for kids' parties or weddings where guests may want smaller portions of tea or soft drinks. Large cups are better for events like showers or cocktail parties where guests might prefer more wine or beer.

Your choice between small and large cups can impact how the drinkware looks and functions. Small cups can be elegant, while large cups are practical for holding more liquid.

Both sizes offer custom options like artwork, fonts, colors, and personalization to meet different preferences. When deciding, keep production and shipping times in mind to ensure prompt delivery of sturdy plastic cups with custom designs.


Standard Cup Sizes Available

Standard cup sizes for custom PET cups usually include 12 oz, 16 oz, and 20 oz options. These sizes work well for a variety of drinks like water, soda, beer, wine, tea, cocktails, and hot beverages.

Customers might also come across different sizes like 8 oz for kids' parties or larger sizes for events like weddings and showers. For customization, clients can often request specific sizes outside the standard ones to fit their needs.

However, it's important to stay mindful of the cup's volume and weight for practicality. Customers can add their personal touch by choosing custom artwork, fonts, colors, and PET illustrations. Keep in mind that extra charges might apply for unique designs or requests.

Proofing, production, and monitoring are important steps to ensure accurate customization and delivery of the cups.

Exploring Various Cup Styles

Clear Plastic Cups

Clear plastic cups have many benefits compared to other materials. They are shatterproof, which is great for events where safety is important, like children's parties, weddings, and showers.

These cups are popular for serving a variety of drinks, both cold and warm, such as beer, soft drinks, water, tea, cocktails, coffee, and wine. Customizations can be made with artwork, fonts, colors, and personalization to add a unique touch to any event.

Different cup sizes are available, from measuring cups to large volumes suitable for events. They come in varying weights and measures to accommodate different drink types.

Customizations might come with a fee, and proofs of the design are provided before production to ensure accuracy. Shipping is through FedEx, with the option of a refundable print release. Customer service is available for any custom requests or inquiries, with in-house designers ready to help create personalized drink ware for any occasion.

Frosted Plastic Cups

Frosted plastic cups are a great choice for events and parties. They are versatile and durable, coming in various sizes for different drinks. These cups are shatterproof, making them perfect for children's parties, weddings, and other gatherings where glassware isn't the best option.

Customizations like artwork, fonts, colors, and personalized elements can be added to match the theme of the occasion. Customers can even request custom PET illustrations or other designs for a special touch. The production process includes proofs for approval before printing to ensure the design is accurate.

Shipping times depend on the location and selected method, with FedEx providing tracking numbers for easy monitoring. Unique PET selections can be added to make the drinkware even more personalized for the event.

Considering Customer Reviews

When reading customer reviews for custom PET cups, consider these factors:

  • Quality of the cups
  • Clarity of custom artwork
  • Accuracy of colors and fonts
  • Production and shipping times

Customer feedback might also mention:

  • Cup volume and weight
  • Suitability for hot or cold beverages like tea, wine, beer, water, or soft drinks
  • Sturdiness for events such as children's parties, weddings, or showers

Reviews can also discuss:

  • Popular customizations like PET illustrations or custom designs
  • Ease of personalization and options for ink colors and cup sizes
  • Evaluation of customer service, including responsiveness of in-house designers and availability of tracking numbers through FedEx

Personalizing with Illustrated PET Wedding Designs

Options for Custom PET Cup Designs

Customers have many options for customizing PET cups:

  • Sizes include measuring cups, tea, water, soft drinks, wine, beer, cocktails, and warm drinks.
  • They can add custom artwork, PET illustrations, fonts, colors, and ink.
  • Different cup sizes are available for children's parties, weddings, and showers.
  • Customizations have fees for artwork and redraw, and proofs can be requested.
  • Shatterproof cups are an option for added durability.
  • Sturdy plastic cups are a popular choice.
  • Production, shipping, and delivery are monitored.
  • In-house designers and customer service provide support.

Please note that cup designs may vary slightly due to monitor differences, but customers receive proof before purchasing.


Understanding the Production Process

The production process of custom PET cups involves several steps:

  • Selecting cup sizes and weights
  • Choosing custom artwork, fonts, and colors
  • Opting for personalization like custom PET designs
  • Proofing the design for accuracy before production

Understanding this process is important for ensuring quality and timely delivery. Factors like ink colors, production times, and shipping methods impact the final product.

Selecting a shipping method involves considering volume, weights, and measures for efficiency. This choice is crucial for events like children's parties or weddings.

Monitoring settings, including FedEx tracking numbers, helps customers stay updated on orders for a smooth customer service experience.


Efficient Shipping Methods

When shipping custom PET cups, businesses can choose between UPS or FedEx for efficient delivery. Providing tracking numbers helps ensure timely delivery. Factors to consider include production times, shipping times, and order volume.

Offering proof of customized artwork to customers ensures satisfaction. Sturdy plastic cups are ideal for warm drinks at events like parties, weddings, or showers.

Customers can select cup sizes, colors, fonts, and ink colors. Businesses may charge for custom PET illustrations or redraw fees. Clear customization instructions and reliable shipping methods optimize efficiency.


How It Works for Ordering Custom PET Cups

Customers have a variety of cup sizes to choose from for custom PET cups. These cater to different beverage preferences, from cocktail mixing to children's parties.

When ordering, customers can upload custom artwork, such as PET illustrations or specific fonts and colors. Proofs are created for approval to ensure the design meets expectations.

The cups' approximate volume, suitable for tea to wine, helps customers decide on their order size. Shipping times can be tracked through FedEx, with a provided tracking number for delivery.

In-house designers can customize cups for weddings, showers, and events. A custom artwork fee may be applicable, but it's refundable upon proof approval. Ink colors for hot or cold drinks can be customized to match drinkware needs.



When choosing custom PET cups, consider these factors:

  • Material: Look for durable options such as BPA-free plastic or stainless steel.
  • Design: Opt for a style that reflects your PET's personality or features a unique pattern.
  • Size: Choose a cup size that suits your PET's drinking needs.
  • Customization: Personalize the cup by adding your PET's name or photo.
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