Jkai Conducts Comprehensive Production Security Training

Safety First- this is most important thing that our company pay attention to.

Taking into account the growing importance of workers'safety in production, our company launched a comprehensive resumption of work Security Training on February 22nd, 2024, aiming to raise employees' awareness of relevant production standards and overcome any adverse factors.


We gives priority to understanding the detailed requirements of national production standards for direct drinking containers. And cover a variety of topics in the curriculum, including workplace hazards, protective measures, and emergency procedures.


The training will further enhance safety awareness, clarify accident definition and injury classification, protective measures and emergency procedures, and urge all employees to adhere to safety protocols, which is essential to ensure production safety and increase consumer confidence in our products.


The chief security officer stressed: "Security Training is not just a one-time thing, but to continuously ensure the safety of all employees, the safety and quality of all products, and continuously eliminate any potential security threats, to be responsible to everyone, the company, the products, and the consumers."

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