Intelligent Factory Promote Efficiency

JKAI has an annual production capacity of 60 billion sets of APET direct drinking containers and 30,000 tons of optical-grade BOPET on 11 fully automated production lines, including the ILILIG cup production line and the ASANO and KIEFEL lid production lines.


The integrated industrial unit controls all stages from automatic sheet weighing and storage, fully automated production, printing, to automated packaging, ensuring the highest quality and the shortest delivery time for our users' confidence and satisfaction.

High-quality bottle-grade polyester chips are selected as raw materials. These are transported in specialized tankers and directly fed into the production process. The entire transportation and feeding process is enclosed and free from contamination.

High-capacity sheet extruders are used, equipped with automatic die heads and SCANTECH thickness gauges

Sheets are automatically weighed and mechanically stored

Japanese equipment features a strong clamping chain