Revamp Your Summer Menu with Custom PET Cups

Our commitment to using premium PET materials ensures both visual appeal and safety for consumption.

Now's the ideal moment to freshen up your menu and capitalize on the sunny days ahead. Introduce some enticing seasonal specials to attract more patrons and give your profits a nice boost. Whether you're managing mobile catering vans for outdoor events or bustling takeaway joints or cafes, here are a couple of ways to jazz up your menu offerings using PET cups.


What is a PET cup?


A PET cup, short for polyethylene terephthalate cup, is a versatile plastic cup ideal for serving a range of cold beverages. Made from clear plastic, PET cups can be customized with your company's logo, ensuring your brand stays visible to customers. With various sizes and the option to add a domed lid, PET cups offer numerous opportunities to enhance your menu offerings, particularly during hot summer days and warm evenings.


Summer Smoothies


For health-conscious customers, incorporating smoothies made with summer ingredients into your menu using branded PET plastic glasses is a breeze. Ideal for customers seeking a quick breakfast while on the move, simply top the smoothie with a lid to prevent spills. Enhance your reputation for wellness by presenting enticing displays of fresh fruit, offering a variety of non-dairy milk options, and suggesting creative toppings. These healthy and delicious smoothies are perfect for breakfast on the go or as a post-gym snack. Remember to promote your smoothie offerings across social media platforms to give sales a significant boost.


Bubble Tea


Bubble tea, a Taiwanese cold drink sensation, has become one of the UK's most significant beverage trends in recent years. Made with tea, sweetened milk or flavorings, and tapioca balls, it's a sweet and colorful treat that's relatively simple to prepare. PET cups are perfect for serving bubble tea, adding a vibrant summer touch to coffee bars and restaurants targeting a younger clientele.

Moreover, bubble tea serves as an excellent alcohol-free option at festivals. If you already serve cocktails and are seeking to enhance your non-alcoholic selection, bubble tea could be the exciting addition you've been seeking.




An ice-cold indulgence beloved by customers of all ages, the milkshake craze has many takeaways jumping on board by including PET plastic glasses in their packaging supplies. These glasses are perfect for serving milkshakes blended with ice cream flavors and topped with an array of tempting toppings, encouraging customers to splurge a little extra on their usual order.


Adding a lid to a PET cup makes it much more convenient for takeout or delivery businesses, reducing the risk of spills during transportation.


Customized PET Cups: Elevate Your Brand with Tailored Solutions


For businesses seeking customized PET cups, ZheJiang Jkai Plastic Technology Co., Ltd offers tailored solutions. As a leading manufacturer specializing in food-grade APET containers, we excel in crafting high-quality PET cups to suit your specific requirements. Whether you need branded cups for beverages or packaging for food items, we provide customizable options to elevate your brand and enhance customer satisfaction.


Our commitment to using premium PET materials ensures both visual appeal and safety for consumption. Operating a modern, intelligentized factory equipped with cutting-edge production equipment, we deliver top-notch PET cups with efficiency and precision. With JKAI as your partner, expect superior quality and service at every step. Contact us today to discuss your PET cup customization needs and let JKAI be your trusted supplier for premium packaging solutions.

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