JKai successfully passed GRS certification, leading the new trend of green and sustainable development

As an important standard for leading sustainable development, GRS certification is becoming a common choice for more and more companies around the world.

As a professional manufacturer of PET cups, JKAI has been focusing on global food grade PET packaging products, but also pays special attention to the green, environmentally friendly and sustainable development of the industry. In May 2024, Jkai successfully applied for and passed the GRS certification.

This not only marks an important breakthrough in the field of sustainable development, but also means that consumers can enjoy high-quality, high-standard and more environmentally friendly products with more confidence.


What is GRS?

Global Recycled Standard (GRS) is a global, comprehensive, multi-faceted certification system that covers four modules: recycled ingredients, social responsibility, chemical management, and environmental management.


  • Requirements: 

Applicants must meet the five requirements of traceability, environmental protection, social responsibility, regeneration label and general principles.

  • Objectives: 

It aims to regulate the use of recycled materials, assess and validate the sustainability and social responsibility of the supply chain, and promote the development of a circular economy.

  • Importance: 

With the growing global concern for environmental protection and sustainable development, GRS is gradually becoming a prerequisite for enterprises to enter the international market;For consumers, GRS certification is also an important reference indicator for customer decision-making, which can effectively enhance consumer recognition.


Our environmental protection measures:


  • Product environmental performance: 

We have high-quality products with recycled ingredients (rPET) greater than 20% and above. 

We strictly follow environmental protection requirements at every step from raw material procurement, production, processing to product sales to ensure product traceability and environmental performance.

  • Corporate social responsibility and ethical standards: 

We have successfully passed the BSCI and other social responsibility certification audits in 2023, and have perfect standards for employee benefits, labor rights and interests, and safety protection.

  • Environmental and chemical management: 

We have established corresponding control procedures for chemicals, energy, water consumption, and wastewater treatment, and strictly control and conduct comprehensive documentation in our daily production.



As an important standard for leading sustainable development, GRS certification is becoming a common choice for more and more companies around the world. 

Passing GRS certification this time not only proves that we can provide global customers with dual guarantees of environmental responsibility and product quality, but also plays a positive role in the development of the global circular economy and environmental protection. In the future, jkai will continue to fulfill corporate social responsibility, adhere to the commitment of green development, and create more value for customers and society!

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