Entering Jkai - Our Raw Material Advantages in Producing PET Cups

Jkai is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhejiang Zhink Group Co., Ltd. ,which is a modern group company dedicated to the global development of two main industries

Jkai is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhejiang Zhink Group Co., Ltd. ,which is a modern group company dedicated to the global development of two main industries—food-grade PET and textile. We play an important role in the PET industry chain laid out by the Zhink group, and also have good raw material advantages.

“When heated together under the influence of chemical catalysts, MEG and PTA produce PET in the form of a molten, viscous mass that can be spun directly to fibres, or solidified for later processing as a plastic and blow-molded into disposable bottles.


Ÿ   Stable and Excellent Supply of Raw Materials

Zhink Group has its own upstream and downstream PET industry chain production base: Sichuan Zhengdakai construct annual output of 1.20 million tons of MEG co-production 100,000 tons of electronic grade dimethyl carbonate, 100,000 tons of oxalic acid project ; Chongqing Wankai & Haining Wankai New Material has a total annual output of more than 3 million tons , and the capacity of bottle-grade polyester materials ranks among the top in the world.


Bottle grade polyester materials from Wankai are transported directly to Jkai by tanker truck, saving time and cost. Through this industry chain, we have established a stable and intelligent system for the supply of raw materials to avoid being influenced by industry fluctuations or any other sector, effectively ensuring a stable raw material price and sufficient output. All of these make us a prominent advantage of PET raw materials.


Ÿ   Strictly Control the Quality of Raw Materials

Jkai insist on the evaluation and assessment of raw material suppliers, and strictly control the quality level of raw materials. Our supply —— Wankai adheres to the concept of quality-oriented and technological innovation. It holds more than 30 patents and has established the Wankai New Materials Research Institute, which is divided into six research and development areas for the development of high-performance, green, low-carbon, recyclable polyester products.


The entire raw material transport process is closed to prevent contamination and ensure food safety. In addition, Jkai also sets the corresponding incoming inspection control program to ensure the quality of raw materials. Start from the source to ensure the high-quality standards of products. All raw materials must be confirmed to be compliant and safe. Only then can they be stored and put to use.


Through the above standards and persistence. From the source, it effectively ensures the high standard quality of Jkai's products, and creates the excellent raw material advantages of Jkai. As Jkai's mission says, "Create green products and serve a better life."

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